RHF Solicitors are an experienced and specialised team of insolvency solicitors.

We work closely with those facing court action, insolvency, on behalf of insolvency practitioners, or those wishing to instigate proceedings to recover money or protect their personal or commercial position.

Protecting your interests is our first priority. With a reputation built on referral and recommendation, we are recognised for our highly knowledgeable, tenacious and honest approach.

Understanding your options and/or your likely success is of paramount importance, but you can always trust us when we say, ‘we don’t give up’.

With us it’s personal. Your issue is not simply a file stting in our in-tray. You remain a valued client with whom we will invest care and time to ensure the best possible outcome for you.

For your peace of mind, all fees, where possible, are agreed up-front. We’ll partner you through the entire process, growing a solid and long-term relationship.